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About Our Staff


National SCI Database:​

  • Linda Sutherland LVN (SCIMS Data Manager)

  • Anne-Michelle Padilla (Data Collector)

  • Robert Boucher (Physician's Assistant)

  • Jackie Xavier (Physician's Assistant)

  • Diego Rodriguez (Database Manager)

  • Juan Garibay (Data Collector)


  • Lisa Lighthall Haubert P.T. (Research Physical Therapist)

  • Valery Eberly P.T. (Research Physical Therapist)

  • Sandy Conners (Project Coordinator)

  • Jeff Rankin Ph.D. (Research Engineer)

  • Charles Whitehead (Data Collector)

  • Noom Somboon M.S. (Research Engineer)

  • Carlos Williams (Technician)

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