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Collaborative Research

Interactive Telehealth and Biofeedback Sensor System for Pressure Ulcer Prevention after SCI

The goal of this module project is to establish the efficacy of a portable sensor and app-based biofeedback technology system for promoting effective pressure relief behaviors and reducing risk of pressure ulcer development among wheelchair users. In collaboration with the participating SCIMS centers, we will conduct a randomized clinical trial of education and goal setting alone compared to education and goal setting combined with the biofeedback system (SENSIMAT®). We will compare pressure relief (PR) behavior (daily PR frequency and average duration of uninterrupted sitting) between participants who receive education and four weeks of biofeedback training with the monitoring system (intervention group) and those who receive education but no system feedback (control group). We will compare the incidence of ischial pressure ulcer development between intervention and control groups.

If you are interested in participating in any of the above studies, please contact the Pathokinesiology Laboratory at RLANRC at (562) 385-7177 and we will be willing to answer any of your questions.

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