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Site-Specific Research

A Randomized Comparative Effectiveness Trial to Evaluate Two Programs for Promotion of Physical Activity after Spinal Cord Injury in Manual Wheelchair (MWC) Users

Persons with mobility limitations including SCI engage in significantly less physical activity (PA) than the general population and are less likely to attain recommended levels of moderate and vigorous PA. This site specific project will conduct a randomized comparative effectiveness trial to compare physical and psychosocial outcomes of a Whole of Day Activity Accumulation (WODAA) approach with those resulting from a Planned Arm-Crank Ergometry (PACE) program in persons with SCI who use a MWC. We hypothesize that a) increase in physical activity will be greater in the WODAA group than in the PACE group (at 4 and 16 weeks) b) Reduction in insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) index at follow-up will be greater in WODAA group than in the PACE program c) Increase in Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) at follow-up will be greater in the WODAA group  than in those in the PACE program, and d) Shoulder pain will not increase in either intervention group. Knowledge gained from this study will provide both clinicians and MWC users with evidence of outcomes resulting from two PA promotion programs to assist with making informed choices about how to increase PA for physiological and psychological health benefits without increasing overuse of the upper extremities and the risk for shoulder pain.


If you are interested in participating, please contact the Pathokinesiology Laboratory at RLANRC at (562) 385-7177 and we will be willing to answer any of your questions.

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