Women's Health Conference 2019

From presenting...


Headaches No More with Susan Shaw, MD

How to Change Habits with Madonna Cavagnaro, BA

Osteoporosis with Dr. Silvia Shaw, MD

The Health Benefits of Music Therapy

with Stefan Bughi, MD

Healing the Fire Within: Reduce Inflammation with Cat Dillon, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

The Egoscue Method with

Lisa Navarro, Clinical Director

To participating...

Balance Breakout Session

Dr. Steven Castle

     Dr. Castle graced us with his professional opinion on the importance of balance in aging adults. After delivering a brief presentation of data regarding falls, fall prevention, and move forward with improving your vestibular system, Dr. Castle demonstrated techniques on his very own equipment. He wasn't the only one testing out the waters. Our attendees jumped right in after him. 

We're here to learn...

...and have a good time.

     Thank you ladies, for another successful year of women's health awareness. We listened and learned, we practiced what we preached, and we did it all having a blast! See you all next year - there will be new topics, new speakers and, more importantly, new lessons & memories to accompany them.