Here at Rancho, we like to practice what we preach. Breakout Sessions are the perfect opportunity or conference attendees to experience this practice. Lasting about 20-30 minutes, these intermediary lessons give participants a chance to see and feel our principles of well-being in action. Our conference speakers are not just there to lecture a room full of zzz's - they are committed to proving their research and advised methods! Leave each session feeling rejuvenated & exhilarated with techniques for a more mindful, healthy life. 

Beach at Sunset
Rocks of Balance


     Our balance sessions are led by Professor Steven Castle (M.D.) from the UCLA Department of Geriatric Medicine. In this breakout session, Dr. Castle leads participants through a series of movements meant to improve balance and mobility in older adults. In an effort to reduce risks of falling, Dr. Castle built this complete Mobility and Balance Awareness program.This breakout session introduces you to key balance techniques - don't miss out on one of our most popular sessions!