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Rancho Works Café strives to provide  high quality, fresh and healthy food options at an affordable price while changing the image of disability to ability, one job at a time.


Rancho began in 1888 as a Los Angeles County Poor Farm, where people of different abilities were given a chance to live and work as contributing members of their community.  The story continues through the Rancho Works Program. The program, under Occupational Therapy Work Rehabilitation, builds on that legacy of inclusivity and productivity.  The program enables participants (patients) of all diagnoses, abilities and backgrounds to regain a sense of self-esteem and well-being through work-related activities.  In the Rancho Works Café the participant’s recovery is promoted by engaging both the mind and body in actual job duties in a real work setting. 

It is important to have a well-trained, reliable workforce. The Rancho Works program provides training customized to meet the needs of your business, focusing training on: Time Management, Customer Service, ServSafe Food Handling, Organizational Skills, Point of Sale System Operation, Stocking & Inventory, and Teamwork.

The Rancho Works Cafe is open Monday - Friday from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm.  You can find us on the Rancho campus in the outpatient building, room 1101 and 1103.  Please feel free to call the cafe at (562) 385-8205.  The administrative office can be reached at asandoval4@dhs.lacounty.gov.

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Meet Lorena, a recent graduate of our program. Lorena was referred to our Work Rehabilitation program to explore her readiness to return to work. Before her stroke, she worked as a forklift driver in a cosmetics company warehouse where she also set up and provided customer service at trade shows. Although she initially wanted to return to her prior job, she realized that her right hemiplegia and aphasia would preclude this.


After completing our Rancho Works program, Lorena stayed on as a volunteer. She learned to do everything with her left non-dominant hand and improved her mobility from using a wheelchair to using a cane for ambulation. After several months of volunteering, Lorena was hired as a paid worker at our Rancho Works Café & Gift Shop.


Through her supported employment, she increased her functional communication skills, improved her standing tolerance, started using her right affected arm as a gross assist, and learned new strategies to effectively participate in work-related activities.


During this time, despite the ongoing pandemic, Lorena grew as an essential front line worker and an increasingly valued member of the team. Her positive attitude and self-confidence positioned her as a leader in our Rancho Works Café & Gift Shop where she became an example for her co-workers and a mentor for newly hired trainees.


Lorena was subsequently hired by Sodexo, the food service vendor at Rancho, and has successfully transitioned to her new job working in Rancho’s main cafeteria for the past 6 months.


You can be a part of Rancho’s rich history by partnering with the Rancho Works Café!  


Here’s how :

•Selling your products in our café

•Hosting fundraising events

•Hosting current participants in your business with the possibility of employment

Thank you for supporting the Rancho Works Café.

All proceeds go back to the program and supporting the participant’s return to work.